S Visa


S Visa Permanent Extension Signed into Law by President Bush

A permanent extension of the S visa has been signed into law (PL 107-45) by President Bush, as part of the Administration’s anti-terrorism efforts. Congress passed S 1424 immediately after the horrific September 11 terrorist attacks. The S visa, commonly known as the ‘Snitch Visa’, is made available to aliens who co-operate with the government in criminal prosecutions. This is to enable the government to effectively prosecute crimes, especially those committed by terrorists. The S visa was first started in 1994 as a provision in the Violent Crime Reduction Act of 1994. Its provision had actually lapsed, but has been revived after the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001.

The S visa is meant for persons in possession of critical reliable information concerning a criminal or terrorist organization and who is willing or has supplied the information to the government and whose presence in the US is essential or who has been placed in danger as a result of providing such information. It is a non immigrant visa granted for a maximum period of three years. No extension of stay or change of status is permitted. But Adjustment of Status is permitted if they are not Nazis and if the information provided has contributed to the success of the US government investigation in the matter.

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